Friday, May 27, 2016

Greenie from Wooly Rhinoceros yarn

Just started this, my plan is a little vest.  The first time I made one (which I want to replicate) was when I was 13.  I made a little vest, with delicate fluffy yarn in tones of brown and tan, for my baby niece.  She was a year and a half, maybe 2 by then.  She was so cute in it.  I had a lot of help from one of my aunts.  She was so sweet, and helped me with the hard parts.  Well, I am going to try another vest.  That one was knitted, this one will be crocheted.  I bought this yarn from the Wooly Rhinoceros years ago.  Maybe 2010?  I have been so afraid to use it and ruin it.  But I will try to make a little vest.  This yarn was mailed from Israel, and was made in individual hand dyed/ hand spun yarn.  So there will be no more if I run out of this ball of yarn I have.  Wish me luck!  here we go.


I found this at Crochet Crowd.  I saw a picture of one and fell in love.  I wanted so badly to make stars, so I did.
I made the pink tones one for my friend Cindy, and it came out ok.  After rinsing and fluff dry, it came out soft, and wonderful to snuggle in.

The second try was with leftover greens..  This one I want to keep for us at home.  I also want to enter it in the Fair this coming Fall.  I didn't get anything done last year.  I am looking forward to it this time around.  

Here is the tutorial, it is easy to follow, loved it!