Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I made this bathing suit cover-up.

I entered that cover and a few other things to the SoCal Fair.
I am a little sad that it says "Senior Citizen".  
I am not there yet! still like 18 years to go or so..
Anyway, wish me luck!  
See my cover-up is on the mannequin in the back, being carried around. :P

I started this, I am planning a sweater.  
This is my first knitted piece with alternating colors.  And they are integrated!!  
Thanks to hubby for bribing me with yarn money.  
This looks like Vanilla-raspberry ice cream.  
Took me an hour in the store to make up my mind on the colors and yarn.

My first sweater

I ventured out and made this sweater.  My very first!!
It was scary, but I made it.

I used the Russian stitch on it.  Teal and purple yarn.  The body was the Russian stitch, the sleeves were crochet.  The hood was knitted as well.  I had to unravel it 3 times and start over.

I just turned it last weekend for the So Cal fair along with other things I made.  Hope to earn a ribbon; at least it will be out there for people to see.  That's exciting as it is.