Tuesday, December 28, 2010

working with pastels

I love these colors, I know, this yarn is so soft.
This will be a scarf, one day.

This is happening between calls, all kinds of calls.  I am getting some pretty strange ones today.  I answer the phone, and say "This is Ana, how many I help you?"and I hear a resounding "No".  Thinking something was not quite right I asked again, and again I hear a very firm "No!".  Wow, that was quite unexpected.  My job is full of surprises.

Monday, December 20, 2010

drunk baking??

I am baking cookies  yay!!
well, since I am a nut, I am having some Gin, playing 80's party music talking to my friends on MSN, dancing and baking.
Talk about multitasking!!

I ordered most of the Christmas gifts I got online, so I am making our postman work hard delivering things to our door, instead of the collective mailbox.  So... I got some tins, and baking cookies to fillt hem up.  I will give him some as a small thank you.

I am using mom's recipe, but apparently I am being pollitically incorrect. I switched the chocolate chip cookies for white chocolate chips.  AHA!! and they have coconut and cherries. 
Sara can't have nuts, and since I will be sharing, I didn't add nuts.

I am playing "Staying alive"  Dwight just had to make sure to inform me of an important news flash.  Disco died in the 80's .  LOL  Lovin it!!

Party in the kitchen!!

I finished Dwight's scarf!

I am so busy today.  the phone is nuts, it is ringing off the hook.  call after call.  Everyone is in such a hurry today.  I can only talk so fast people!!

I worked on this scarf all weekend, this is the longest one I have made so far, as tall as me.  it is so soft, made with Angel hair yarn.  I didn't have enough of the spreckeld black and white, so I got white to alternate.  I think it looks better this way though.

It feels heavy and I think it will be warm and fuzzy.  I hope it looks masculine.  

Friday, December 17, 2010

it's Friday!!

The weenkend is upon us.  It is a very short time I have and I have to squeeze some rest fun and relaxation in it.  With my sweetie, of course!
And then, there is laundry...

Well, the throw is getting bigger and harder to manage when I am on the phone, so I started a scarf for my hubby.  I was told to get manly colors.  I tried, but I am not liking them.  I like pink, he would look silly though, and he probably would refuse to wear it LOL.

Christmas is stressing me out.  I wish I could win the lottery and buy things for everyone.  Unfortunately I already ran through my last paycheck with still a week to go.  oops.  And There is no slowing down time, or postponing Christmas, it comes at us ready or not.

So I crochet, it reduces my stress and keeps me from killing something.  I just wish I had more hands so I could crochet 3 projects at once.

I am so excited, just found leftover yarn in my closet.  Balls and balls of yarn, what joy!!  I need to figure out what to do with all these leftover balls of yarn.  I will think it over in January when I finish all my present projects. 

Now if I could only find an alternative to wine to keep my back form hurting after crocheting too much it would be awesome.  Tylenol doesn't work, and I dislike taking too many meds without a very good reason.

I guess it would help if I could do streching excersises and other kinds of excersise, but I hate to put my yarn down.  I really do, I don't wanna let go of the yarn!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is my progress so far.  I haven't been working too much on this.  Yesterday work was hechtic, so many calls so fast.  And I needed to take lots of notes.

I did finish this scarf for my niece.  I don't really like the clors too much, but she does.  
Now I just have to get to the post office and send it.  :)

Santa hat

I am working on this Santa hat for a friend.   Now only have the pom pom to do.  This is my very first try at making one.  I am pleasantly surprised by the results.


camo beenie

I made this camo beenie about a month ago. 

I made this baby Afghan in November.  The second picture shows the colors better.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

new day

New day here, interpreting and crocheting. 
Crocheting keeps my hands busy and keeps me from loosing my mind when the day gets hechtic on the phone.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Previous projects

This is a pink scarf I kitted that and crocheted the ends.
And the hat is made in puff stitch with thick fuzzy yarn,  makes it look like cotton candy.

I have to work on makeing longer scarves, instead of making them for smurfs.
ALso, I like them crocheted better than knit, now that I can crochet.


sharing what I am working on.

I am working on these projects. 
The purple and pink is a scarf for my niece.
I learned the Lark foot stitch from Art of Crochet by Teresa.

I am also in the middle of this throw blanket for my sister in law.  As a Christmas decoration for her house, since she loves everything Christmas.

I am using the slanted shell variation stitch, also from Teresa's instructional videos.

I have been crocheting again

I am back.  Been busy crocheting and interpreting. Dwight is home now and he puts up with all my yarn experiments.

I made a beenie hat for mys siter Sara, and this scarf to go with it.
Her favorite color is green.

Monday, August 23, 2010


So... I started knitting, which lead to crocheting a beenie, to making crochet purses.  I was happy, crocheting eased stress and was a pleasant activity in which I can use my creativity.

One day a friend of mine told a friend of hers I was doign this and she asked if I could make an apron for her little cousin.  I did, and it came out kind of cute. 
Then she asked if I could make them out of fabric.  I said I'd give it a try.  I made one and then another, then she wanted more and more.  I got an order for about 8 of them from her and more from other people.

Last week another friend told me her Church has a preschool or daycare in which the children may wear a little apron or smock to keep their clothes clean.  She offered to help me introduce my aprons to them.  That means I will have to sew faster, finish what I have now and make some samples for the kiddies.

On Friday I got my paycheck and headed to Wal-Mart.  I looked at sewing machines.  All kinds of fancy ones, with so many stiches to choose from and accessories.  Such fancy things I have never seen or used. 
I chose one, that my mom would be unhappy with, and Dwight's mom too. I think she would slap me upside the head!  I kept appologizing on the way to the car.  But Singer was more expensive, and I really wouln't know what to do with something big and fancy.

My grandma used Singer, my mom used Singer, and so did Dwight's mom.
Well, I got one on sale, something simple, no fancy gadgets.  But it's a Brother, uh oh.
I got home, and I was afraid to open it, so I waited, I went to bed that night and left the box in the living room, unopened.

On Saturday morning I opened the box carefully, and what do I see?  A big red sign!

So I guess I am not the only one baffled by these machines.  Made me laugh really, but I was a little frightened by the sign.  I felt a little better when I read the part that promises to show you how to use it with a DVD. 

I took it out and then I proceeded to look through the manual.  How hard could it be?
Well, I might as well be reading it upside down, it was like trying to figure out origami. 
I should put the thread into the thingamaggig then loop it around carefully, if you put it on wrong, the needle will break and most possibly go in your eye.  Hmmm I am not sure I like this.  if the bobbin thingy is not threaded right, the needle would break due to tension, and... cover your eye!  So I keep trying to read this instruction booklet.  I had visions dancing in my head of bloody fingers, broken needles and torn fabric.

At the end I didn't do well.  I was frustrated.  i talked to a friend online, we laughed together, it helped a bit, but I was still stumped.  So I insert the DVD, and aha!  I understood the contraption finally.  I just have to go slow, step by step.  I am not looking forward to this, but today I will confront this tiny beast and hopefully tame it into submition so I can sew some pretty aprons.  he he.  Wish me luck!!

Speaking of aprons, I love them.  I hadn't seen one since I was little.  They are hard to find.  I looked all over the internet for the one I got, and it was expensive too.  But it looks feminine and cute.  I believe if you are going to cook, might as well enjoy it and do it in style.  But aprons are scarce, maybe they will make a comeback.