Monday, August 23, 2010


So... I started knitting, which lead to crocheting a beenie, to making crochet purses.  I was happy, crocheting eased stress and was a pleasant activity in which I can use my creativity.

One day a friend of mine told a friend of hers I was doign this and she asked if I could make an apron for her little cousin.  I did, and it came out kind of cute. 
Then she asked if I could make them out of fabric.  I said I'd give it a try.  I made one and then another, then she wanted more and more.  I got an order for about 8 of them from her and more from other people.

Last week another friend told me her Church has a preschool or daycare in which the children may wear a little apron or smock to keep their clothes clean.  She offered to help me introduce my aprons to them.  That means I will have to sew faster, finish what I have now and make some samples for the kiddies.

On Friday I got my paycheck and headed to Wal-Mart.  I looked at sewing machines.  All kinds of fancy ones, with so many stiches to choose from and accessories.  Such fancy things I have never seen or used. 
I chose one, that my mom would be unhappy with, and Dwight's mom too. I think she would slap me upside the head!  I kept appologizing on the way to the car.  But Singer was more expensive, and I really wouln't know what to do with something big and fancy.

My grandma used Singer, my mom used Singer, and so did Dwight's mom.
Well, I got one on sale, something simple, no fancy gadgets.  But it's a Brother, uh oh.
I got home, and I was afraid to open it, so I waited, I went to bed that night and left the box in the living room, unopened.

On Saturday morning I opened the box carefully, and what do I see?  A big red sign!

So I guess I am not the only one baffled by these machines.  Made me laugh really, but I was a little frightened by the sign.  I felt a little better when I read the part that promises to show you how to use it with a DVD. 

I took it out and then I proceeded to look through the manual.  How hard could it be?
Well, I might as well be reading it upside down, it was like trying to figure out origami. 
I should put the thread into the thingamaggig then loop it around carefully, if you put it on wrong, the needle will break and most possibly go in your eye.  Hmmm I am not sure I like this.  if the bobbin thingy is not threaded right, the needle would break due to tension, and... cover your eye!  So I keep trying to read this instruction booklet.  I had visions dancing in my head of bloody fingers, broken needles and torn fabric.

At the end I didn't do well.  I was frustrated.  i talked to a friend online, we laughed together, it helped a bit, but I was still stumped.  So I insert the DVD, and aha!  I understood the contraption finally.  I just have to go slow, step by step.  I am not looking forward to this, but today I will confront this tiny beast and hopefully tame it into submition so I can sew some pretty aprons.  he he.  Wish me luck!!

Speaking of aprons, I love them.  I hadn't seen one since I was little.  They are hard to find.  I looked all over the internet for the one I got, and it was expensive too.  But it looks feminine and cute.  I believe if you are going to cook, might as well enjoy it and do it in style.  But aprons are scarce, maybe they will make a comeback.